Central Experimental Farm ~ Ornamental Gardens

This afternoon was so beautiful, and I was already in the neighbourhood, so I decided to make the Central  Experimental Farm my first stop. Of course I have been there many times, and it’s so close it feels like cheating! Nevertheless, I walked a respectable distance, from Cow Lane (haha!) to the Ornamental Gardens.



Once there I wandered around aimlessly for a bit, attempting to take pictures of those elusive Mustard Whites who continue to evade me and make me dizzy:


And of course, some mandatory flower shots. I was really pleased about how this one came out. I couldn’t tell you the name of the flower in the foreground, but the rainbow background is made up of dahlias:


The thing that pleased me most about the visit was this cicada:


I hear cicadas constantly, all summer long, but I NEVER see them. This is the first one I have really ever gotten to look at long enough to take pictures of. Instead of flying away, he just walked further up the branch, which allowed me to get several different shots of him. He is so cute. I never realized that their mouths look like the front grill of a car (click to view close-up):


One more picture that just made me happy. Spiderweb pictures don’t usually turn out for me.



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