Stony Swamp ~ Jack Pine Trail

What a shame that I never knew about Stony Swamp until a couple of years ago, when someone told me that Chickadees will eat birdseed right out of your hand. It’s an even bigger shame that I never went until last Sunday. From the moment we arrived, it felt like such a beautiful place. Chipmunks scurried around gathering food, undeterred by our presence.
We brought along some birdseed, and the Black-Capped Chickadees came right up to us to check it out. They were quite bold; one landed on the clear bag we were carrying and poked a hole in it!
We saw a Garter Snake, which to some that might be commonplace, but I was surprised to see it right out in the centre of the pathway. He was not happy when I crouched down to take this picture. The one of him actually striking at me came out blurry.
We came to a boardwalk, which opened from the wooded area to take us over a swamp. Ducks floated around in the shallow water; it seemed to be a quiet time of day for them. Most of them either were preening or napping. I even saw some small wading birds, possibly sandpipers or plovers. I couldn’t get close enough to tell.
We also came across this little red squirrel. I put together some of the pictures of him. Click on it to see it larger:
All in all, it was a gorgeous day. The weather was perfect, and the photo opportunities were endless. The autumn foliage was just gorgeous. We will definitely go back again~ perhaps this winter!



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