Gatineau Park~Pink Lake (part 2)

Boy, it has been too long since I posted anything. The last three weeks have been very busy for me, working more than usual and spending my free time relaxing. I now have time to put up the pictures from Pink Lake.


I just can’t get over the colour of the water at this site. Clearly it’s not pink, as the name suggests. Pink refers to the name of the family that settled in the area. The water is a beautiful shade of aqua, which is attributed to the algae that grows within it.


It was a beautiful trail, one that had a boardwalk and stairways built all the way around the lake. There were many vantage points~ high up on a cliff, down by the water level~ and many different photo opportunities.


Our visit was at the end of September, early fall, so we caught only the beginning of the leaves changing. My guess is that right about now is the perfect time of year to see it in full colour.



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