Our three-day Thanksgiving weekend started off with dinner on Saturday in Perth. The weather was sunny and crisp and the food was delicious. After dinner we were so stuffed that we decided to go for a walk before having dessert. It was one of my favourite times of day, when it the sun is just starting to set. You still have lots of light, but it is either diffused and soft with lots of shadows, or concentrated and warm.


We walked through Stewart Park and enjoyed the fresh air, and then went back for pumpkin pie and apple cranberry crumble. Mmmmm….


One thought on “Perth~Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Caitlin,

    I have just spent some time enjoying your beautiful photographs. I especially like the house wren. The spider in it's web is great. I was in Riverguild yesterday to buy a gift for our pastor and saw your cards. They are lovely and I bought two. (Monarch butterfly and one with small bird) The man who was looking after the shop was also impressed with your work. Your web-site is beautiful!
    Wishing you all the best,


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