Wood Duck Sighting

An unusually short workday afforded me a couple of hours of daylight. Although somewhat grey and damp, it was also warm, so I decided to try and visit the ducks again. Pinecrest Creek is a lovely little tree-lined stream that runs along the Transitway (between Baseline and Carling). I noticed the other day that there was quite a large duck population spending the winter in its shallow waters.

I had never taken this particular route; it had footpaths, small bridges and lookout points. After a bit of walking I stopped at one of the bridges to see if the ducks would let me take some photos. To my surprise, they actually started swimming toward me At this time of year, I imagine they were hoping I had brought some food with me.

Male Mallard

I took a few photos when I realized someone different was among them. Amidst almost a hundred mallards (and a few black ducks which look like dark female mallards) was one Wood Duck. I was amazed by his gorgeous plumage and striking red eyes:

 wood duck back2

He and one female mallard were practically attached at the hip, which makes sense because he was the only one of his kind. It was comical to see them together though, because she was so much larger and plumper than him.  I never saw him move any further away from her than this:

Wood Ducka nd Mallard 2

Wood Duck and Mallard Surprised 

I can’t express what a thrill this was for me. It was well worth taking a new path!


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