A Murder of Crows

dried grass

When I first started this blog, I had a mental list of things I wanted to find and photograph. One thing on the list was to find a large group of crows. We see them in the city all the time, two or three of them, cawing back and forth from backyard trees, harassing flocks of starlings or playfully dive-bombing each other in mid-air.

I wanted to see where they roosted together in a noisy flock. I knew where to find one; it was just a question of being in the neighbourhood.


We parked the car on the corner of Bank Street and Riverdale in Ottawa South, and made our way down to the path by the Ottawa River. Already we could hear their presence, announcing our arrival with their throaty, raspy calls.

crow takeoff

There were so many of them, loud and bold~ my  husband used the word “cacophony” and I think that about summed it up.

crows tree

We watched their antics and listened to them for awhile, laughing when we heard one bark like a small dog.

crow walk

Many of them were sitting in the middle of the river on the ice, a hundred pointed black silhouettes against the white snow.

crows out of focus

Here they had enough mature, towering trees by the water for all of them to find a high branch, a mile above the city.

crows sky

Although in this photograph they look so small against the endless sky above them.

dried grasses


3 thoughts on “A Murder of Crows

  1. I love crows, and rooks also. Their sound is so evocative for me of walking in wild places in the Lake District here in the UK. I also love the way they roost at night like black dots in the trees. You've stirred them up in me now, and I shall have to get out for a walk soon in search of crows….or rooks!


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