Trying New Things…

In the last year or so I have really been inspired to unleash my creativity. It started with my photography, but I have felt compelled and inspired by others to try other things as well.

Embroidery was one thing I wanted to try, and I have a friend who dabbles in it. I asked her to show me a few basics to get started and now I am making this Luna Moth.

luna moth embroidery

I also found inspiration in words written by resurrection fern:

you don’t have to be a painter to paint

embroidery thread

This resonated with me, because I always felt like something was holding me back from trying new things. I worry too much about being good at it, when all that really matters is the process of learning and enjoying it.


One thought on “Trying New Things…

  1. Wow, I love moths and butterflies so much and your already looks amazing. I was also smiling at how the little stitches you have made so far look like the lines in knotted wood. Nature resonates so wonderfully with its surroundings doesn't it.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog post today.


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