From afar I always thought this was a shrub with pale green leaves. Today a friend of mine pointed them out, saying how much she loved these bright yellow flowers, which were growing wild by the side of the road.

yellow buds

It’s Forsythia, so vibrant and pretty, and I can’t believe that I had been missing it all this time. I looked it up, and I found some surprising information about it here, if you’re interested.


Lesson learned:

Don’t take everyday things for granted. Take a closer look.


One thought on “Forsythia

  1. right on! I have one like this in my flickr stream (“LADY”)…I caught a ladybug inside the flower! These are pretty much all over the sides of roads here. When I was little, I thought the name of it was “For Cynthia”….because my mom's name is Cynthia. heheh!!


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