First Farm Trip of the Year

Every year I make a point to visit the Central Experimental Farm at least once. It is a treasure we have right here in the middle of our city, and it holds a lot of family memories for us.


barn window


Today my goal was to see if the Magnolias were blooming yet. One tree was partially open, and the rest were ready to pop, so I will try to go back in a few days. I did see a many of these tiny purple flowers; like crocuses, they are popping up everywhere.


These white flowers were growing by the path in the shady rock garden. I love the tiny flower at the bottom looking at its shadow.

white spring flowers

I started a Flickr Group for members to post their photos taken at the farm. I hope more people join, I am looking forward to seeing their perspective!


2 thoughts on “First Farm Trip of the Year

  1. Beautiful! I'm not sure what those little flowers are. I love the little one looking at his “rock-flection”. Also, those honey cans are cool! Is honey a big thing where you live?


  2. Thanks, Mary. My Mom tells me that the blue flowers are Scilla, I am still not sure about the white ones. And honey is harvested (?) all over Canada, and in Ontario. There was one can from each province in this display. 🙂


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