Pink and Yellow in the Garden

I had a lovely visit to the Experimental Farm with my Mum today. I wanted to catch the Magnolias while they’re still in bloom, and they’re one of her favourite flowers as well.


bumblebee blossoms

blossoms pine bokeh

yellow flowers shrub

tiny pink

It was warm in the sun and cool in the shade, and the sunlight was perfect for taking pictures~ not too harsh. When I looked through the photos I had taken, each one was a shade of pink, yellow, or both. 


~yellow magnolia~

pink blossom yellow forsythia

striped tulips

white blossom yellow forsythia2

Thank you Mum, for sharing the afternoon and your love of flowers with me.


2 thoughts on “Pink and Yellow in the Garden

  1. Exquisite images, Caitlin! I especially like the last one. How wonderful to share the visit with your Mum. I take mine with me as often as possible, too. Yesterday we spent a lilac garden – her favorite flower. Thank you so much for your visit. Yes, some of the flowers did remind me of the Flower Fairies. Have a great week. – g


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