Our holiday Monday was so hot, all we wanted to do was sit in the shade somewhere. We picked up some sandwiches and drove out to the Arboretum with my mum. We found a shady spot by the water under a weeping willow, and before we could sit down, this is what we saw on the other side, about 50 feet away:


Never having seen a Great Blue Heron so close, I couldn’t look away. He stayed put for a long time, having found a safe spot on a log that stretched out from edge of the water. Every once and awhile, a passerby would get a little too close to his tree and he would perch right at the end, ready to take off if need be:


He was the centre of attention and conversation. We all watched him through my camera lens to see what he was doing. At one point he fanned his wings out, which was quite spectacular, and I just missed it with my camera. But then he sat for a few moments with his wings shrugged by his sides:


Finally someone walking by prompted him to take off, and it was just our luck that he landed across the water, just 15 feet away from us. Here is spotting a fish in the water and stretching his long neck out to catch it:




By the time he came around this close, a few other people had spotted him and came by to watch him as he quietly waded through the tall grass and shallow water.



Click HERE to learn more about this majestic wading bird, the Great Blue Heron.


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