Hello, again!

I feel like I haven’t been around here in awhile. I can’t really say I’ve been up to any thing in particular, just enjoying a bit of a mental break.

I have, however, been doing some new work with some of my spring photos. Here are two of my favourites. One is a fern with pink apple blossoms, and the other is a Tiger Swallowtail with a pink columbine from my Mum’s garden.


I have to say, that although my focus is butterflies and flowers, I am surprised by how girly my last few images have been. They are all soft pinks, baby blues and pastel colours. Just getting in touch with my feminine side, I suppose.

Speaking of flowers. the wild ones have started popping up everywhere. There are fields of daisies, and countless other tiny colourful gems. Time to take a walk and see how many I can find.


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