Roadside Wildflowers

The wildflowers are blooming all over the city these days. Today I walked one of my favourite paths, Pinecrest Creek, to see how many I could find and identify. I am always on the lookout for butterflies too!

Skipper & Cow Vetch

Delaware Skipper, perched on Purple Cow Vetch.

Fragrant Raspberry Sky Bright

Fragrant Wild Raspberry, which was so beautiful and worth the whole walk for me. Maybe I will see one with berries this year.


Red Clover, with Thistle leaves in the background.

Milkweed & Spider

Milkweed with a Crab Spider.

Crown Vetch

Crown Vetch, one of the leaves I was trying to identify a couple of weeks ago.

Ringlet Butterfly & Daisy

Ringlet Butterfly on a Daisy. I love his curly tongue!


Dame’s Rocket. I always thought this was Phlox, which is very similar.






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