Mud Lake – Canada Day

We enjoyed a day off mid-week; Thursday was our national holiday. June had been rainy, cool and unpredictable, so I was hoping for some decent weather to go for a nature walk. We don’t have a car anymore, so going to Mud Lake was the perfect choice, since it is accessible by bus.

I’ve said it before, but at Mud Lake, the ground to cover is endless. We really could have been there all day, exploring new paths. One of them opens up to the river, where strong winds were blowing, and another led to a little bay where the ducks and geese find rest from the fast-moving waters. On the other side, a path winds all the way around the lake, and we found many more as we searched for a way back to the street. I found this satellite image of the area on Google Maps. You can see how close it is to the main roads.

I have quite a few photos to share, but for now, I’ll post these. Never in my life have I seen so many blue damselflies in one place. Deep in the woods they were positively swarming. There were so many of them that my camera couldn’t decide where to focus! 

log and forget me nots

fleet of damselflies

damselflies  damselflies pair

swamp shadow

We had hoped to do some camping this summer, but it just hasn’t been in the cards yet. I feel so lucky to have such beautiful parks and trails right here in the city.


One thought on “Mud Lake – Canada Day

  1. Wow- is that what they are? I've definitely seen those before! They look like a field of flowers in the first pic! You are definitely lucky to have such natural beauty around that city. As for camping, it makes me itchy just thinking about it…bugs love me!


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