Four Wings and A Prayer

A few weeks ago, I watched Four Wings and a Prayer, a beautiful film about the migration of the Monarch Butterfly. Based on a book by Sue Halpern, this film depicts the amazing journey these butterflies undertake, from Canada to Mexico. The cinematography is quiet yet breathtaking, and tells a moving story about life and sacrifice.


With their bright orange wings, spotted and striped, Monarchs are one of the most universally recognized butterflies. Here are a few interpretations by the Female Photographers of Etsy (FPOE):


1. black and white butterfly wing SF, 2. Fly Me To The Moon ♥, 3. Classical, 4. The Monarch Queen, 5. butterfly collection, 6. last night i dreamt i had wings, 7. orange butterfly SF, 8. Honey, you are so sweet! (002/365), 9. Untitled


One thought on “Four Wings and A Prayer

  1. Beautiful…they are amazing creatures! I appreciate the inclusion! I'm off to check this out right now.
    I love that you let your readers in to the more “behind the scenes” with everything you do- I tend to forget when I'm behind the lens about the life behind the picture. thank you!


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