Woven Rainbows

This morning a friend and I took a walk through a new trail. I’m still not exactly sure what it was called, this one was difficult to find any information on. If you are interested, it is on Corkstown Road, off of Moodie, and you can click this link for the co-ordinates.

The weather was wonderful; perfect the entire weekend, really. I am so glad I had the opportunity to share the day with another photographer. It’s always interesting to see different perspectives of the same subject. Today we both seemed to be mesmerized by spider webs:

Web Square 1

Web Square 2

Web Square 3

The web was softly billowing in the wind like a sail, letting the sunlight reflect on its fine threads. Since I was using the manual setting on my camera, you can see how the wind changed my point of focus, and magnified the rainbow effect.


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