Here are a few more photos from our walk through the woods on Sunday morning. This dragonfly was a challenge for both of us. He was completely backlit, and camouflaged by tree branches. Flustered by his choice of perch, we crouched down low, and craned our necks, angling for the best point of view.

Nature doesn’t always stop for us, which can be frustrating, but also a learning experience.   Sometimes you can make it work in a surprising way, capturing something in a way you hadn’t noticed before. Other times it’s best to just enjoy the moment and move on. I guess what I’m trying to say is…

…have patience, but learn to let things go.

Dragonfly Silhouette


Spiderweb Orb Light


2 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. Great capture on the dragonfly! Love how he is framed by the branches. I see so few here, I don't know if there are certain plants they prefer, although we have lots of surface water around. xo – g


  2. I know what you mean!! Great work though, and it's true…photographing nature is not as easy as some people like to think!
    I have a photo in my flickr of those green spiked stems…are they unbloomed black eyed susans? Very pretty just as they are!


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