In case you were wondering about my surprise, this is it. I finally put necklaces in the shop! While it’s a lovely idea, I had put it off because I wasn’t ready to invest in a bunch of supplies for YET ANOTHER project (I am notorious for those…but I swear I still work on them!) But then I came across a beautiful little (local) Etsy Shop, LaPetiteBohème, and asked her to make some for me. After all, I do have a couple of shows coming up, so I was able to justify it to myself 🙂 So far I’ve posted only these two, because the perfect-for-photos natural sunlight was pretty dim this weekend.

So please stop on by and check them out, and visit LaPetiteBohème while you’re at it. She has the sweetest collection of pendants~ something to fit everyone’s style.

Monarch Monarch 2 Scabiosa 2 Scabiosa


3 thoughts on “Necklaces

  1. Oh, Cait, these are marvelous!! Just beautiful pendants. Congratulations on getting them put in your shop. (I have a ton invested in jewelry findings and have yet to complete any to my satisfaction, so I understand). I wish you the best of success with them. Happy Halloween! xo – g


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