Back to Normal

Well, both shows went off without a hitch. The crowds were smaller this year, but I appreciate those who came to see me~ thanks so much for your support!

I had meant to take more photos of my setup, but the lighting in the hall was a warm low light that I find hard to work with. My table looked basically the same at both, except that I had usable wall space at the second venue, to hang my framed work.

Some things I found really useful:

Silver wire easels. I bought a ton of them at the dollar store and used them to lean the calendars on, as well as inside the baskets to stand things upright.

Print-your-own business cards to make little pricing signs~ I already had them on hand and they were so easy to just print off.


All in all, I think it went well. It was a fun experience and I really enjoyed meeting other people. I’m a little bit tired after two long weekends, but I’m looking forward to really enjoying the holidays now. I have plans for baking with friends, making tree ornaments, and not too much shopping to do, just the fun stuff!

And I promise pictures of snow (or pictures of any kind~ it’s been too long!)


2 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. If you read this, I am curious what you sold the most of! I have yet to do my first show (of anything) so I'm rereading all our FPOE info to try and gather some courage and advice..perhaps for spring? 🙂


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