Fun with Christmas Lights

There is not much going on our Christmas tree this year. I have decided to keep quality over quantity, choosig (or making) handmade over store-bought. So far our collection is very small, but fortunately, Christmas lights really do it for me.

We’ve also decided to keep the artificial tree for now. As much as I love the smell of pine needles(and sweeping the floor a hundred times a day) I am not sure if I can justify cutting down a tree, decorating it and then tossing it after two weeks.

What about you? Do you prefer a real tree or a fake one? And are you making any Christmas ornaments this year?

xmas lights framepaige xmas lights2paige xmas lights

It’s always hard to get your kids to smile for holiday photos, isn’t it?


6 thoughts on “Fun with Christmas Lights

  1. While I love natural trees over artificial, I would go the artificial route for the same reasons as you – it just seems wasteful to do otherwise.

    But I don't even bother with a tree….it would just be asking for trouble with 6 birds, including one who has a strong inclination to find all electrical cords… 😉


  2. Your cats have naturally hilarious expressions…they could be staring into oblivion and it's just insanely funny!
    I have had an artificial tree for 4 years now and I love it. A little floofing and it's good to go. I sometime light a pine candle nearby…:)


  3. Loving these shots of your lights and kitty.

    I prefer a real tree but I just inherited a fake silver tree, from the 1960s, with green ornaments and green floodlight, so it's a fake one this year. I can't put lights on it, but plan to put them around the house in other places.

    Happy holidays!


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