Good for your soul

It has been so cold out there lately, but incredibly beautiful as well. After a fluffy snowstorm on Saturday, we woke up to a sunny, blue-sky kind of day. Every little branch was either crystallized with frost or dusted with glittering snow.

I wanted to see Mud Lake in the winter, so we took a walk through the woods. We found yet another path, just up a little hill that runs along the roadside. You could look one way over the pond (Mud Lake) and on the other side you could peek out and see the river.








Despite the cold, I could not have passed up such a gorgeous opportunity to enjoy Nature. The walk really fed my soul. Thanks, A.


3 thoughts on “Good for your soul

  1. I know what you mean, once you get out there it's pretty wonderful. Just hard to get out of bed sometimes in the cold! I looove the goose pic- how did you get so close? I need a new lens! Happy New Year (belated)X0-Mary


  2. I'm so glad you did get out to get these wonderful images, Cait. Magical and serene. It's so important to cherish the beauty of winter as often it's such a challenge to get through! Have a great week. – g


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