Mer Bleue

It seems that Spring has been evolving very slowly, the changes have been so small and barely noticeable. The weather was truly beautiful over the last couple of days, so we went to Mer Bleue Bog for a walk.

I was delighted to see a small orange butterfly so early in the year. It was in a bit of a hurry and didn’t stop long enough for me to identify, let alone photograph.

Everytime I visit this place, it seems like another world. It is an isolated environment, unique in colour and landscape. Dwarved Tamarack trees grow in the peat bog, with a sea of red and pink moss and foliage at their feet. If you visit when it is veiled with fog, or at dusk when you can hear the frogs, it is really quite spooky.

tiny pinecones2

red moss 

tiny pinecones

I’m so glad we went yesterday, because today it is pouring rain! Seize the day, friends; you never know what tomorrow will bring!


One thought on “Mer Bleue

  1. You're so right! we had downpours here too. Today was gorge though- like summer weather! 😉 Yes it's funny you mention the frogs, I have a pond nearby me filled with them – I think they are Spring Peepers- and at night they're almost deafening. I looked them up on youtube and they are only 1″/ 2cm long frogs- but they make so much noise! Apparently- the males are fighting for the affections of the female frogs right now. hehe!


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