Bumblebees in the Garden

Last week we had a big crop of irises growing in front of the rosebushes. I loved watching the bees as they collected pollen from the roses, but their approach with the irises was much more entertaining.


It was so funny to watch them crawl in head first with their little legs stretched out behind their fat little bums, and to emerge dusted with yellow pollen.

Flight of the Bumblebee

A couple of photo tips I learned from this:

Using Sport Mode to shoot moving insects (or animals) seemed to make a huge difference. The ones I shot with my regular settings were considerably more blurry.

When shooting a sequence of movements, consider composition more carefully (where possible). As I took these photos, I never occurred to me that I might want to put them together in a mosaic. It would have been more interesting if they were all from the same angle or from completely different angles (top, side, below, etc.)


One thought on “Bumblebees in the Garden

  1. I love bumblebees and their fat little bums. ;0
    It's true about the different viewpoints, I do get caught up thinking every photo I take of bee bum will be awesome, and forget that I'm trying to make these photos nice to look at.


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