Giveaway Winner, Pinterest and Caterpillar Non-News

I just signed up on Pinterest, so of course I left announcing the winner to late Sunday night. The winner is Georgianna, whose choice for the auction was one of the Dragonfly Fern prints. (I’m partial to those two as well, I chose one for my current blog banner.) Thanks to all of you who voted (all 4 of you, LOL) and G, please send me your info and I will mail you your prize. 


Like I mentioned above, I opened a Pinterest account this evening, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet how much precious time will be lost on it. Please feel free to add me, my username is PaperDragonfly, because PaperButterfly was already taken 🙂 I haven’t added her yet.

Another FYI~ if  you haven’t heard any caterpillar news and you were wondering, there haven’t been any changes. Since it was late in the summer and unseasonably cool, I suspect they may have gone into diapause, which means they will be hibernating until spring. I have put them out on the sunporch, which is protected from the elements but will be appropriately cold. The six-year old in me would love to see them hatch in my bedroom in February but I know that wouldn’t be fair to them. So, we’ll just wait longer.


2 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner, Pinterest and Caterpillar Non-News

  1. Whoo! How exciting, Cait! Thank you!! I'm delighted. 🙂 Will email you my info.

    Oh, golly, Pinterest. I haven't signed up. I have NO time for it. I'm short of sleep every day as it is. Good luck!

    And, again, THANK YOU!

    – g


  2. YAY Georgianna!
    I'm obsessed with Pinterest. I'll have to find you on there! Have you tried Polyvore? it's like the same thing only with shopping. Something to do in the long, cold winter….


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