Open Wings

So much for my theories; Mother Nature has her own plans.

DSC_0192 2

{Black Swallowtail Butterfly}

We were literally on our way out the door when my husband said, “You might want to check on your butterflies. I noticed one of the cocoons looks different.” I went out back to the sun porch where I had placed the container, thinking they would hibernate out there for the winter. Inside it was a fully opened butterfly, very eager to be let out.

It was an unexpected event, surely they should have stayed dormant until spring. I had stopped checking them, even, thinking they would have some sense of the seasons in a screened-in porch. The recent summer-like weather must have confused their biological clocks. (The other one remains wrapped snugly in his little cocoon.)

Since we were in a hurry, just as he certainly was, we took one unglamourous photo before releasing him to the big open world.

Safe travels, friend.

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One thought on “Open Wings

  1. Oh man!! He was an eager little butterfly… I like that you documented it before he went, though. Sometimes unglamorous is more exciting anyway…it's more like real life, unexpected as it is! So is the other one going to stay in the cocoon?? A lady on Etsy told me she raised Luna Moths, which intrigued me. Maybe I should find out more about this…


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