Three Things Thursday: Canoes, Birds and Photography Classes

Yesterday was our first snow, and a really big pile of it too. It snowed all night and in the morning I walked ankle-deep in it to my bus stop. It was still falling in big fluffy handfuls, and against the early morning navy-blue sky, it looked like falling stars.

I tried to take a few photos but the low light made it difficult. I looked online to see what photos other local people had managed and I came across this in the Ottawa Citizen:

canoe to work

{Photograph by: Sue Bertram, Reader photo}

This man is committed. If he hasn’t already been interviewed or made a video of his commute, someone should. The reality is that we are so close to the water, and it inspires me to think someone decided to incorporate it into his daily routine. And I love that the canoe doubles as a toboggan.

I decided to sign up for VIvienne McMaster’s winter photography e-class, Getting Through the Grey Together. Every year I have so many missed opportunities for winter photography, either for lack of useable light, for the sheer cold or lack of motivation. I could have taken some beauties yesterday, for instance, but it was so dark. So I am hoping to learn a few tricks, find some inspiration and motivation from her and the other members of the group. If you’re interested there is still time to sign up and it runs from December through February.

Since winter is now on my mind, one of the things I would like to do on a regular basis is go birdwatching. I have read through a few local websites like the OFNC to see what they offer in terms of group walks or outings. It sounds like they have them from time to time but they mostly offer are guidelines, resources and a list of birding locations, which will be helpful. I will have to pioneer my own walking group, even if it is only me or one other person. If you have any tips for me I would love to hear them!

So that’s my Thursday list. Let me know if you have anything to share 🙂


2 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Canoes, Birds and Photography Classes

  1. Hi Caitlin. I was just strolling through your blog and have to say that your photos are extraordinary – absolutely beautiful. Like you, I love to zip around with camera in hand and snap away. I new at it but I love being one with nature capturing the world around me. Keep up the great work – I truly enjoy learning from a pro, such as you. Waving at'cha from Toronto, Ontario!


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