Autumn in December

My first real photowalk since starting Getting through the Grey felt like more of a cheat than a challenge. I didn’t have to squeeze it in; Saturdays are usually a blank canvas for me. And this particular Saturday was especially spectacular, weather-wise. No grey to get through, just pure blue skies. 

And it just occurred to me that three quarters of December is actually still Autumn.



moose truck

Part of my challenge is feeling self-conscious as I take photos in public. It is a weird feeling as though I am taking something that doesn’t belong to me, whereas out in the woods, my photography feels more private. In my mind I repeated a new mantra for this self-consciousness: I am invisible. I am invisible. Then a lady stopped me on the street, and grinning from ear to ear asked me what I was taking pictures of. She seemed really interested in what I was doing so I politely chatted with her. It didn’t help that we crossed paths again about 10 blocks later and she joked that she was stalking me! LOL… 

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Do you ever feel strange out in public with your camera? What about taking photos of people on the street?


One thought on “Autumn in December

  1. I'm with you-I prefer to be out in the wilds taking photos. There IS something very intimate about capturing images and I prefer to not have to explain myself. I have taken to saying I'm doing my homework for a photography course when people ask.

    I don't snap pics of people out in public, unless we're at a parade or something. I feel like it's an intrusian and I wouldn't like some random person snapping photos of me.

    I find it very weird when someone snaps photos of my DOG! It happens all the time, usually when he's in the ocean and tourists spot him. (Probably because he's in the ocean even in the winter, which is completely normal for his breed.)


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