One week before Christmas…

I honestly don’t know where the hours go but I swear I have been busy doing Christmasy things in my “spare” time. Herein lies proof:


Above are the makings of Gingerbread houses that I started this week. I was feeling pretty ambitious at the time but we’ll see if they actually get assembled. I have some dough left over and a plan.


My brother came over last night and we attempted to make Sugared Jelly Candies. On the left is an Apple-Orange Spice one and the other is a Mulled Red Wine and Cranberry. We adapted them from a recipe found online but they gave us some trouble setting, and I had to re-melt them this morning. I am now worried that they will stick to the paper…. You would think between us (a baker and a chef) we could figure these things out!


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