My Stamp Collection

Enamoured with a couple of 25 cent Cecropia Moth stamp my husband saved for me last year, I went to the post office to see what other stamps they had. Turned out they had an entire insect series in small denomination stamps. So I embraced my inner nerd (or obvious dorkiness) and started a Nature-themed postage stamp collection. It was hard to find something inexpensive, small and also attractive. It seems that this hobby is very serious and old-fashioned. In the end I bought a 4×6 album photo album from Wallack’s; it does the job and has lots of pages to fill.



So far I have collected quite a few, and a couple of people have given me stamps from their travels abroad. I received a package in the mail today, and it just happened to be posted with a beautiful collection of American stamps, including a Monarch Butterfly.


Do you have a collection of something interesting?


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