The Wild Rabbits of Jericho Beach

A little story from Vancouver…

As we were walking through the park down to Jericho Beach, a couple of rabbits appeared from the under the shrubs. Right away you could tell they were not wild rabbits, but pets that had been released into the woods. The only markings you usually see in the wild are brown, and some varieties have white coats in the winter.

As we walked a little further, another bunny appeared, then another, and soon they were everywhere: they had multiplied into a feral colony. Even though most of them had probably never lived indoors with humans, they were fairly bold, coming right up to us to see if we had brought any food with us. They foraged along the edge of the woods, among the many crows living in the park.

DSC_0510 BlackRabbit BlackCrow

Rabbit up



Such beautiful, quiet creatures.

If you are interested in a similar story about birds, I highly recommend a documentary called

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.


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