Soaps and Solid Shampoos

When I packed for BC, I left my bottled body wash at home in favour of a bar of soap, to save my clothes from a messy spill. It got me thinking about packaging, and how many bottles I go through just for beauty and hygiene products (let alone food packaging and everything else). So I decided bar soap was the way to go, there are lots of great products out there that use little or no packaging. I bought some bars from Purple Urchin Soap; their soaps smell incredible and feel really smooth on the skin. They are also local, they use biodegradable packaging, and they delivered my order to my doorstep.

I also decided to try a solid shampoo for a change. After all, it’s just glorified soap! I went into LUSH: as a store I find to be overly scented and I have found some of their bath products to be fairly greasy. I do love their Karma scent though, and they had a Karma shampoo bar which fit the bill for my experiment. So far it is great; I wash my hair fairly regularly and it doesn’t make my hair feel “too clean,” i.e. stripped of its oils. Also, when you take the bar away from the store, the scent is a perfectly pleasant patchouli, not overwhelming.

I’m also trying their Jungle Conditioner bar, but so far I have mixed reviews about it. I think you need to soak it before using it, which doesn’t work in the shower so much. I have heard of using Apple Cider Vinegar or Baking Soda as a shampoo. Has anyone tried this?


Why the picture of frogs? Why not?

{from the Vancouver Aquarium}


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