Sugar Bush

We didn’t want to miss the Maple Syrup season again this year. Every year my BFF and I talk about going but the window of opportunity is small when you are so busy. Last weekend took advantage of the sunny, snow-melting weather and visited a sugar bush here in town. It is on an old farmstead whose buildings are still standing, and it is a beautiful foot-soaking, muddy spring walk through the woods. The husbands enjoyed all of the antiquities and old farm equipment, and of course we love farm animals.









We decided to try another one next time. We paid extra for the breakfast, which was disappointing. Four buffet menu items (eggs, pancakes, sausage and homefries- no fruit or baked beans as you might expect) is very limited for two vegetarians and a celiac. And we probably waited half an hour for the pancakes and coffee.

The taffy, however, was totally worth it. We savoured sticky mouthfuls of golden maple syrup cooled in the snow, and enjoyed the antics of the 10 year old boys who were serving it. And the company, as always, was wonderful. We joked about possible disguises we could employ to get more free taffy without being recognized. None of us brought any fake mustaches, though.


One thought on “Sugar Bush

  1. Hi Cait! Gorgeous photos – the last one is so beautiful and graphic. I've always wanted to try maple syrup poured onto snow. I read about it once in a novel but didn't think anyone actually did it! 🙂

    xo – g


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