A few more weeks…

Everybody is talking about the heat wave that we had this week. There is something very odd about wearing shorts and sandals before Spring has even arrived.

When I heard the temperatures were going up, I brought my butterfly chrysalis indoors. You can keep them in an unheated shed, or keep in the fridge to keep them cold.  I chose the sunporch, and this week I worried that it would hatch too early (like its sibling, who hatched during an unseasonably warm October weekend) and not have the advantage of a full, hot summer in which to flourish.

You can read all about how I kept them ::HERE:: This is the one that opened in October:

DSC_0192 2

So I moved it into a smaller container and found a spot in the fridge for it. I chose a mason jar and secured a piece of cheesecloth under the metal ring so that air can come through. I think the fridge will work well because it has a good amount of moisture.


Remember it looks like Mickey Mouse?



{do not open until late Spring}


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