Spring musings…

Yes, it’s been awhile.

The good news is that I have been busy with people and things I love, but just haven’t been in the frame of mind to write. I have wonderful pictures to share but the words just escape me.

Springtime has been a warm welcome for us, with cool, fresh mornings and warm sunshine during the day. The magnolias are opening and I even saw my first white butterfly on Thursday.

Last weekend we enjoyed more than one walk through the woods, first at Meech Lake and then through the back property of our family’s farm for Easter. We also walked to The Farm a week ago to see what was blooming. The magnolias were still tightly closed then, but I suspect that some of them are now at their peak. {Please visit if you can!}

cardinal feather 
The Blue Jays and Cardinals have been very active in our yard. The males seem to be doting on the females, collecting food and feeding them; they look like such lovebirds. And I finally found a tatty little red cardinal feather in the garden.

I mentally mark the seasons with random little milestones like these, and I’ve started compiling them into a little notebook that I keep in my bag. So often I will see something while I am out and I can’t get a photograph of it, but I would still like to remember the moment. I think it would be interesting to print my own calendar for the next year that included all of them, to see how they compared to the previous year.

April 12, 2012: Saw the first white butterfly of Spring.


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