Goslings on the River

I have a day off in the middle of the week. It’s great- it allows me to feel a certain level of productivity that I tend to want to throw out the window on the weekend. I can do errands and groceries while the shops are fairly quiet, and I can visit and photograph normally busy tourist spots while everyone is at work. On one such day off, I took a walk down to the Parkway. I timed it, too- 20 minutes from my door to the river.

The Ottawa River Parkway has a bike path that runs along the water, enabling cyclists and joggers to exercise en plein air. There are several stops along the way, benches perched on lookouts, or low rocky shores where you can sit in the shade by the water.

I took this walk with the sole purpose of finding ducklings or goslings. I knew it was that time of year and I wanted to see them up close. I wandered along, taking pictures of wildflowers, and arrived at Remic Rapids. This was the first glance of a Canada Goose family:


They cautiously watched me from the water, and eventually they climbed up the hill. I realized that there were several families, and the adults were literally herding goslings up to the grass along the bike path.

DSC_0311 copy 2

They came in an endless stream- I don’t think I could have counted accurately, but there had to be at least fifty of them. I sat in the grass with my camera and watched them waddle about and graze.


Every once in a while they had to sit down.

gosling down



No ducklings this time, but I am sure I will see them soon. At least I’ve got my fuzzy yellow bum fix until then.


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