Respecting Nature

I was delighted to see that when my uncle cut the grass at the cottage, he mowed around this little patch of Ox-Eye Daisies. They weren’t planted- he said they just appeared, and he decided to leave them. 


Last week I photographed these chubby little daisies, (below, actually called Wild Chamomile). They were growing by the roadside near where I work.  When I went by the other day, they had mowed the whole thing down, flowers and all, along about a 1/2 mile of greenspace by the road. To say I was disappointed is a huge understatement. I wanted to shout obscenities out the window.

It may seem like a small battle to fight, but can anyone defend this? It seems like a huge waste of resources and money, not to mention the fact that it was part of the local eco-system: food and shelter. And who doesn’t appreciate a patch of wildflowers?


I know that there are bigger issues in the world, but they often start with the small ones.



2 thoughts on “Respecting Nature

  1. Aww sad daisy massacre! I remember when I was little once I made my mom stop her car so I could pick her a bunch of weeds that I thought were pretty flowers. She hid any look of disdain and actually put them in water on the dining table when we got hoe- pollen, bugs and all. Now that's a mother's love. :)))


  2. Things like this make me so sad. I'm sure it has been proven somewhere that flowers really do make people happier and healthier. We should all take more care to preserve them!


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