Summer Colours Week :: GREEN

At the beginning of every season, Poppytalk invites everyone to share their photographs. For Summer Colours Week, you can add your own photos to their Flickr Pool, where their favourites are selected and shared on Poppytalk’s Blog.

I took these pictures during our week-long visit at the cottage a few weeks ago. We walked down to the last cottage on our road (no one was there) and found dozens of Birch trees on the property. I told you a little story about this piece of land, and the other things we found there. But there is also a story about the Birch trees themselves.

This little peninsula seems so tender and bare, almost foreign compared to the dense thickets and sturdy old trees that grow deeper in the woods. A long time ago (I want to say the forties?), a fire swept through the area and burned this part of forest to the ground.

The first trees to grow back were the Birch trees; rising from the ashes like white ghosts.





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