Summer Colours Week :: PINK





One thought on “Summer Colours Week :: PINK

  1. I am so thrilled to have found ‘thepaperbutterfly’! It started with a search of a flower and then I went off on a few tangents and then found you Caitlin. If all of us would just open our eyes to see the beauty around us, it is there in front of us and when we cannot see it you provide it for us so exquisitely. Shadows in black and white, drops of water on a flower, sunlight on a spider web; I am overwhelmed with the beauty of nature, always have been.

    When my daughter was a toddler it would take us at least an hour to walk a block. We live in an older part of the city, beautiful trees, a boulevard, and spring time was for exploration. My daughter loved bugs, spiders and worms. I confess it took me a short time to overcome some of my phobias which I did not want to pass down to her. She would have her nose to the ground, an ant hill, a stone to be overturned to see beetles and other interesting creatures, a crocus emerging from the ground. We continued these explorations for many years. Two stick out in my mind; the first was picking her up from choir practise which was just down the street. I told her to close her eyes because I had a huge surprise for her. When we reached the main intersection I told her to open her eyes. There in the west was the most magnificent sunset, it was a brilliant red and it was huge, slowly melting and sending out its beauty to the whole sky, turning it to all shades of red, pink, mauve, lavender, spectacular! We stood there until the sky went dark and then she hugged me and thanked me for the best surprise she ever had. The second was lying under an old magnolia tree that was in full bloom. Petals on the tree and on the ground below it, brilliant blue sky as its backdrop as we had a blanket and were having a picnic under the tree. My daughter lay down and said “this must be like the tree the Buddha sat under, it is beyond beauty”.

    Caitlin, this is what looking at some of your photographs brought back to me. Memories of my daughter and our lives together, my life as a child, our huge backyard, constantly changing thanks to my father’s green thumb and creativity, going to the cottage in the summer and exploring nature, much of which you have photographed. I seem to have made this comment about me but I wanted to describe the bugs, the sunset, and the magnolia tree so you could understand how important your work is to me. These are treasured moments I had and you have provided more with your incredible eye and talent, and you have reminded me of things I had forgotten but the moment I saw your photograph it all came back to me, the sight, sound, smell, and the essence of the moment.

    I thank you from my heart for starting my day with a sense of awe. Nothing compares to nature, to a moment in time which you capture so exquisitely. I will be pouring over your photographs for weeks to come and then start all over again. I will also try to be more alert and see for myself. I am ill and am not able to go outside, except for a taxi ride back and forth from the hospital. I always ask the taxi driver to take the scenic route and this spring I was ‘wowed’ by the glorious trees and flowers which I saw almost daily until their full and glorious bloom. You are an amazing individual and artist.


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