Turning over a new leaf

And so we turn over another leaf into fall. Time to tackle some of the projects I would like to finish in time for the holidays. I am currently working on some cards and calendars for the shop. I also put up a couple of new autumn-themed prints:

Dragonfly Pinecone 57 WM

The team has been really busy too- here’s our new banner for the team blog. Such amazing photographers:

FPOE Autumn Mosaic ORIG

1. R E G A L, 2. Autumn in NY, 3. Yellow Rosebud, 4. checkered, 5. Apple Delight, 6. The Power of 3, 7. Leaf me alone, 8. warm me up… & breathe me…, 9. BOUNTY OF APPLES, 10. harp, 11. golden, 12. vw fest, 13. ***, 14. Deer Love, 15. Untitled, 16. Gourd Pile, 17. Beautiful September, 18. your fragile scent, 19. Monarch II , 20. Autumn, 21. Japanese Maple Leaf


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