Nesting Behaviour

Things are slowly coming together to create a nursery in the nook of our home office. We are still waiting for some furniture to come in before we can really get started, but I do have some artwork picked out already. I have been collecting pieces for awhile, mostly nature-inspired, of course. Here is my collection so far:

Large Owlphabet Poster, Alphabet Art, Owl Art, Education Tools, Nursery Art

Owlphabet by Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber

Minimalist Photography, duckling photo, nursery decor, little black duck, black & white art, minimalism, child's room wall art, 8x10 Print

Little by Amy Tyler

Quest, 8.5 x 11 print

Quest by Cathy McMurray

Bird No.28

Bird No. 28 by Geninne Zlatkis

We don’t have a lot of wallspace, but hopefully I can come up with some kind of arrangement so that I won’t have to hang anything over the crib.

There are a few other treasures I’d like to share as we put this room together for our baby, Things I have been collecting and some vintage pieces that I have saved from my own childhood. There will also be some things that are still in the process of being knitted and stitched…


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