Small World

Despite the cool, overcast weather and the itchy blackfly welts all over my neck, we did enjoy a couple of days at the cottage during the long weekend here in Canada. First trip of the season. It was fresh, muddy, peaceful, and cozy.

With my big round belly it’s become increasingly difficult for me to crouch down to photograph the things I see on the ground. Some days are tolerable but most are nearly impossible- especially getting back up! By the end of our walk yesterday, I declared that I was not going to bend over again unless something really blew me away.

Theme this time of year seems to be tiny. The only flowers that have popped up by now are unbelievably small and close to the earth. You have to look closely, but you will find a magical little landscape underfoot. Most of these things were smaller than an inch long. Sadly, I was able to get very close to a hummingbird (last photo). More on that in a later post.



tiny violet




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