The Hourglass

Yesterday I managed to find a few stems to tuck into a little autumn bouquet. There’s nasturtium, asters (wild), roses, spindle leaves and berries that hang over from the neighbour’s side of the fence, as well as rosemary and a few sprigs of basil that started flowering.

Autumn Floral

It has been a beautiful autumn so far, one that I wish I had more time to breathe in, photograph, and write about. My days have been so full; I don’t get a lot checked off my to-do list except washing diapers, and finding time to eat (or prepare food) is a constant challenge. But, I am enjoying every minute of being a mother. She is a pure delight, which more than completely makes up for the fact that I have hardly any time to myself anymore. When I do have a little bit of quiet after she goes to sleep, I usually turn in when she does.

Just turn the hourglass over.


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