Sunday Reading :: Mossy

by Jan Brett
Something I’ve been meaning to share here are some of our favourite children’s books. When you’re the one reading the same books aloud over and over, you’ve got to choose ones that are well-written and beautifully illustrated.
I gave this book to my 18 month old daughter for Christmas. One of her first words was “turtle” so I knew she would love it. Mossy is a turtle who ends up in a museum because of the garden growing on her shell. It ends with a great message about respecting Nature, which I feel is important for all of us to learn. Each page is decorated with drawings of realistic specimen collections, like mushrooms, wildflowers, gemstones, and of course, BUTTERFLIES! Jan Brett also wrote The Mitten, and I appreciate her attention to detail. There is something new to discover every time we read it.



I don’t have an age suggestion for this book, as it depends on the child. We offer all kinds of books so she can decide what interests her. This one is a longer read, which she will now happily sit through, but sometimes we just sit together and admire each beautiful page.


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