Finished Projects

Still waiting for spring, but that’s okay because I’ve been keeping myself busy. In the evenings I’ve been knitting, and I’m about halfway into my third toddler sweater! The green one in the photo below is  the second one I finished, Little Buds. I decided to make the sleeves shorter, as little hands are too busy to roll up sleeves. My daughter is petite and this sweater is roomy, so these sleeves are actually pretty long on her.

little buds sweater

march 2015 080

I’ve also been taking pottery classes. It has been such a great experience, not only to get out of the house and do something for myself, but also such an enriching and therapeutic creative outlet. It’s something I always knew I would love and I am definitely going to continue. I have so many ideas in my mind, things I want to try and skills I will apply the next time around to make things better. This is one of the first pieces I finished, using some linocut pieces I carved a few years ago. There are a lot of imperfections in this plate but I still love it.

luna moth pottery

I haven’t been blogging as much these days, I am trying to get back into posting regularly. But I do post progress photos quite a bit on Instagram if you are interested. I love to see what other people are working on!


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