More sewing…

I finished another summer dress this weekend. Actually, I impressed myself and managed to do it in one evening! It was a simple, free pattern from Purl Bee, Gathered Summer Top, which I extended to dress length. Essentially I used two fat quarters but just trimmed the edges neatly. Each piece was about 21×21”” inches. After getting started, I realized this pattern involved French seams (which I’ve never tried before) but it was simple enough and the inside seams are so much tidier. I will probably use this for more projects, since I don’t have a serger. I used cotton twill tape for the straps instead of making my own ties, since I only had enough fabric for the dress itself.

summer dress blue

Fabric is “Meadow” by Bonnie & Camille

june mason jar peony

Meanwhile, we are being spoiled by the gifts of peonies all around us. They spill onto the sidewalks from our neighbours’ front gardens, and we always stop to smell them. There is really no spring pleasure greater than breathing in their perfume. I took this photo (above) last summer, but I cut an identical bouquet from our front yard last night. My daughter and I spent a few quiet moments before bedtime oohing and ahhing over them. I put them on my bedside table so I could fall asleep and wake up to their scent. Lovely.


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