Leaf Collector

Yesterday we came back from another visit to the cottage. I left my leaf and flower press up there, hoping I’d finally have a chance to use it. After all, I’ve only had it for eight or nine years. One of those things.

So on one of our many walks, I collected a few leaves. I really must come up with a container for such things; wild raspberries, dragonfly wings, you know. I always bring my camera on our walks, and I’m usually holding someone’s hand.

leaf book (3)

leaf book (1)

leaf sky

leaf book (5)

leaf book (4)

Anyway, the flower press.

It’s a Microfleur, given to me by a friend who never got around to using it either. It’s about 5×5 inches and couldn’t be easier to use. I pressed 2-4 leaves at a time, for 20-60 seconds in the microwave. That’s it. Next time I will go out in search of some wildflowers. For that I will definitely need something to carry them in. Thinking…


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