Fabric Lined Scarf

I’ve knitted lots of things for my daughter but this scarf in particular seems to get the most compliments and questions from people. While adding fabric to a knit garment is nothing new, I combined the two in order to salvage something that has sentimental value.

Before she passed away in 2010, my grandmother knitted me this scarf. My mom had picked out the yarn- a self-striping, and very fine sock yarn- which somewhat flustered my grandmother. She was an experienced knitter, but she had started suffering from Alzheimer’s. The scarf was beautiful, and knitted with love; but had several dropped stitches and a few strange knots. I wore it for a few years and then, since it was really rather short, I passed it on to my daughter. But I worried about how well it would hold together over time.

I remembered a photo in a knitting book where they had added fabric to a scarf (I wish I knew what book it was…) so I picked up some more of this fabric I loved from our local sewing shop and got to work.

june 2015 009

june 2015 002

The first thing I did was fix the dropped stitches with some leftover yarn. With a crochet hook, I pulled all of the knots onto one side and designated it as the “wrong side.” I measured the length of the scarf and cut a strip of fabric the same size. Then I lined the pieces up, right sides together, and did a lot of pinning, since the edges of the scarf were not exactly straight. (I suppose blocking the scarf first could’ve helped.) Then I sewed along all four sides, leaving a gap halfway down one side for turning (about 6” long). I turned it right side out and then top-stitched around the whole thing, making sure the gap was closed up too.

And there you have it! A unique way to spruce up a scarf, with endless options for fabric and yarn. For a Christmas gift this year, I made a fleece-lined cowl, which has a similar look and technique, minus the knitting part. I forgot to take photos of mine but you can check out Purl Bee’s tutorial HERE.


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