Just a few photos from earlier this summer.


Canada Day at the Cottage

Over the Canada Day long weekend, we stayed at the family cottage over in Québec. It’s so beautiful this time of year, although we found ourselves in the middle of a heatwave. Thankfully we spent most of our time in the lake. It was so hot, I sat my chair directly in the water, and to my surprise, this snake swam right past me. Amazing. It was literally about a foot away from me. (The same snake is pictured above, basking on the rocks.)


Toadstools and Hedgehogs

I recently added some really cute handmade items to my ETSY SHOP and I thought I would share a little bit about them here.

I started making these little toadstools/mushrooms, and if I do say so myself: they are cute as a button. For these ones I used white silk or satin (from the cutting room floor of a local bridal shop), re-purposed wool (usually from blankets and sweaters) and up-cycled denim. I embroidered flowers on the the tops using all kinds of wools from my yarn stash. These first three were stuffed with poly-fill but I will now be using wool stuffing. They can be found in the TOADSTOOLS section of my shop.

I also finished these hedgehog pincushions. They are made using a variety of colourful quilting cottons and their faces are made from a wool blend. I stuffed them with rice, lavender and wool, and their eyes are plastic buttons. They can be found in my shop under PINCUSHIONS.

PLEASE NOTE: Each of these items is one of a kind, and meant to be used as a decoration, rather than a toy.

Earth Day at the Wild Bird Care Centre

On Earth Day this year, I had the day off, so we decided to take a drive down to our local Wild Bird Care Centre. They were having a special event with crafts and activities. Of course, my daughter wanted to do “a hike” first (we can do crafts any other time, after all!) so we ambled through the forest.

I must have been a child on a field trip the last time I visited this place. All of the specimens and taxidermy seemed so familiar, and the building itself felt miniature, which is always the case when you come to a place for the first time as an adult.

We fed the chickadees, walked along fallen logs, and saw our first butterflies of the season. When we got back to the field house, we checked out some of the activities, one of which was dissecting owl pellets. It is essentially a hairball, which contains everything the owl cannot digest- lots of tiny mouse bones, and sometimes even an intact skull. Fascinating stuff!

Back to Mer Bleue

It’s been a long time since we took a walk out in the woods. This winter has been long, and we have found ourselves indoors a little too much.   And even though it looks sunny in these photos, the wind was still bracing for April. As you can see, we still have some snow on the ground.

Still, our daughter was over the moon to go “to the forest,” where there is so much to explore and ask questions about. We didn’t see any beavers but we did see a few of their sweet little log homes.

We are so looking forward to warmer days, and hoping to get out to the woods more this year. If you’d like to see photos of Mer Bleue from previous years, CLICK HERE for my past blog posts.