Fairweather Blogger

It seems I only update this blog during cottage season. I can’t easily carry my big camera around with me during our day-to-day activities, so when we go to the cottage, I try to make up for it.

Here are some photos from our last trip to the cottage, over Canada Day weekend. It has rained pretty much all summer; that weekend was no exception. When we did go outside, it was in rain boots and sweaters. In July.

There weren’t a lot of butterflies (they are most active on hot sunny days) but we found a clutch of chubby monarch caterpillars on one of our walks. There were so many dragonflies too, more than I have ever seen.

Hope you are all having a beautiful summer so far!



Last Cottage Weekend

lilac-sunset hydrangeas fern-flower sweet-peas spider-web-dew Labour Day Weekend marked our last visit to the cottage for the season. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect; misty mornings, sunny afternoons, cool evenings. September really is my favourite time to be up at the lake. Until next year!