Knitting Goals 2017

A new year is always a great time to start fresh and set goals. A few friends of mine have posted theirs on Instagram so I’ve been mulling it over for a couple of weeks.

Finish my WIPs. It’s a biggie. After the holidays I rearranged the furniture in my work space, and I literally could not do so without first dismantling the towering pile of unfinished objects. I’m not even going to guess how many there are. I’ve set them aside and I’m trying to make some realistic decisions about what to keep working on. I might set deadlines for specific projects because it seems to work when I am knitting gifts, which are time-sensitive.

Start Christmas knitting in July. I managed to finish it all except for a pair of socks, but it definitely felt like a chore at times. Fall is such a busy time already, and my daughter will be starting kindergarten this year. Who knows what kind of time or energy I will have? Maybe less but maybe a lot more? lol

Buy with purpose. I work in a yarn shop so it is very easy to fall in love with something and take it home (and I used to work in a pet shop…hahaha). I’m not perfect but I will try to have a project in mind before buying any new yarn.

So, what about you? What kind of crafty goals have you set for 2017?




Multnomah Shawl

Last week I finished knitting my first shawl. I chose Multnomah because it has a beautiful lacy border, but the majority of it is straight garter stitch. (The idea of purling rows of 300+ stitches did not appeal to me as a first-timer!) The feather and fan border repeats were fairly easy to follow and not too busy for this wild yarn. I used a special DK weight yarn that I got for Christmas (from Yarn Ink), and I was careful to reserve enough for a picot edge bind-off. This modification was totally worth it! Check out my Ravelry project notes if you want more details and progress photos.

multnomah 2

mulnomah 3 multnomah 4 multnomah paige butterfly pillow
Oh, and a gratuitous photo of my smug cat.